Veterinary 5 part differential hematology system

Parameters: 24 hematology parameters, including 5-part WBC differential: WBC, LYM, MON, NEU, EOS, BAS, LYM%, MON%, NEU%, EOS%, BAS%, RBC, HCT, MCV, RDWc, RDWs, HGB, MCH, MCHC, PLT, PCT, MPV, PDWc & PDWs Sample profiles
Five-part mode: Dog, cat, horse and cattle
Three-part mode: Mouse, rat, rabbit, ferret, pig, sheep, goat, guinea pig and primates
Sample volume: 25 µl of whole blood in 3 part mode
        50 µl of whole blood in 5 part mode
Each Abacus Vet5 analyzer is almost maintenance-free resulting in minimal downtime and can store up to 5000 results.
Conform ISO 13485: 2016
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