1.Smart Choice: Multifunction, High Cost Performance Index
2.Post Surgery Monitoring: Micro-blood, Accurate simplicity
3.Customized Extensibility: Biochemistry, Electrolyte,

  Comprehensive shield panel (11+3)  GLU, BUN, CRE, ALP, ALT, TP, ALB, TBIL, AMY, PHOS, AST, GLOB, ALB/GLOB, BUN/CREA,CA+GGT
  Screen shield panel (7+3)  GLU, BUN, CRE, ALP, ALT, TP, ALB, GLOB, ALB/GLOB, BUN/CRE
  Pre-profile shield panel (6+1)  GLU, BUN, CRE, ALP, ALT, TP, BUN/CRE
  Kidney shield panel  BUN, CREA, BUN/CREA, PHOS
  Liver shield panel  ALKP, ALT, ALB, TBIL
  Blood ammonia  Ammonia (NH₃)
  Electrolyte panel  NA+, K+, Cl-
  Total T4  Total T4
  Bile acid  Bile acid
  CRP  C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
  Phenobarbital  Phenobarbital (Pheno)
  New items: D-dimer, Fructosamine, SAA, Cortisol, Progesterone,CA, GGT, LIPA, LAC, LDH, NH3, tCO2, CK, UA, TC, TG

  Species  Canine、Feline、Rabbit、Hedgehogs、Guineapig、Sugarglider、Avian
  Units  S.I. units, Traditional units
  Sample type  Whole blood (lithium heparin, SST), Plasma, Serum
  Sample size  0.17 cc (170 μL)
  Reagent disc Preservation  2 – 8 ℃
  Result timing  Whole blood 15 min, Plasma, Serum 11 min
  Quality control  AmiShield BCTM
 quality control fluid for blood chemistry disc
 AmiShield ECTM
 quality control fluid for electrolyte disc
 Amishield ICTM
 quality control fluid for immunology disc
  Temp. and RH  20 – 36 °C and 30 – 50 RH (with no condensation)
  Interface  RS232, USB port 2.0
  Power supply  110 – 220 volts AC, 50 – 60 Hz
  Net weight  7.5 kg
  Dimensions  Height: 340 mm;Width: 240 mm;Depth: 350 mm
  Theory  Absorbance, Spectroscopy, Wet chemistry, Enzymatic, Immunoassay
  Methodology  End-point, Fixed-time,Kinetic
  Light Source  Halogen lamp
  Photometer  Spectrum meter
  Wavelength  340nm-800nm
  Reagent Rotor  Up to 16 parameters/test
  Reagent Segment  Up to 4 parameters/test
  Sample type  Lithium Heparinized Whole blood, Plasma, and Serum, Urine etc.