1.Smart Choice: Multifunction, High Cost Performance Index
2.Post Surgery Monitoring: Micro-blood, Accurate simplicity
3.Customized Extensibility: Biochemistry, Electrolyte,
 Immunoassay(All in one)

Item Product name Part number  Test Item 
Biochemistry  Comprehensive Plus Panel  (13+3) 001-3GYC  GLU, TP, ALB, ALP, ALT, AST, GGT, TBIL, AMY, BUN, CRE, PHOS, CA, GLOB, ALB/GLOB, BUN/CRE
Screen II Panel   (7+3) 001-3AFE  GLU, TP, ALB, ALP, ALT, BUN, CRE, GLOB, ALB/GLOB, BUN/CRE 
Liver Panel 001-21IA  ALB, ALP, ALT, TBIL 
Kidney Panel (3+1) 001-24JB  BUN, CRE, PHOS, BUN/CRE 
Kidney Panel II  ※ 001-23KB  mALB, UCRE, UACR (mALB/UCRE) 
Electrolyte   Sodium Disc   001-21LC  Na+ 
Potassium Disc   001-21LD  K+ 
Chloride Disc   001-21LE  Cl- 
Immunology  Total T4/CHOL Panel   001-22KA  Total T4/CHOL 
Phenobarbital Disc  001-21LK  Phenobarbital 
CRP Disc   001-21LL  C-Reactive Protein  (CRP)
Ammonia Disc   001-21LM  NH3 
Bile acid Disc  001-21LN  Total Bile Acid 
D-Dimer Disc  001-21LP  D-Dimer 
Fructosamine Disc 001-21LQ  Fructosamine 
Diabetes Disc ※ 001-21LR  HbA1C 
SAA Disc ※ 001-21LS  SSA (Serum amyloid A) 
Special pet  Avian/Reptile Profile Panel ※ 001-3FYE  GLU, TC, TP, ALB, TBA, AST, GGT, LDH, CA, PHOS, UA, CK, AMY, GLOB, ALB/GLOB  
Equine Profile Panel ※ 001-3GYD  GLU, TC, TP, ALB, AST, ALP, GGT, LDH, CK, CA, PHOS, BUN, CRE,  GLOB, ALB/GLOB, BUN/CREA  
Note  ※ Upcoming product

  Species  Canine、Feline、Rabbit、Hedgehogs、Guineapig、Sugarglider、Avian、Reptile
  Units  S.I. units, Traditional units
  Sample type  Plasma, Serum
  Sample size  0.06 c.c (60ul) Plasma/Serum
  Reagent disc Preservation  2 – 8 ℃
  Result timing  15 min
  Temp. and RH  15~30 ℃ , 20~80 %RH (with no condensation)
  Interface  USB port 2.0
  Power supply  110 – 220 volts AC, 50 – 60 Hz
  Net weight  7.5 kg
  Dimensions  Height: 340 mm;Width: 240 mm;Depth: 350 mm
  Theory  Absorbance, Spectroscopy, Wet chemistry, Enzymatic, Immunoassay
  Methodology  End-point, Fixed-time,Kinetic
  Light Source  Halogen lamp
  Photometer  Spectrum meter
  Wavelength  340nm-800nm
  Reagent Rotor  Up to 16 parameters/test
  Reagent Segment  Up to 4 parameters/test
  Sample type  Lithium Heparinized Whole blood, Plasma, and Serum, Urine etc.